The full gateway now has a box!

Since @Robin lent me a full gateway, I’ve now got it situated in a nice cat-proof box - so I thought I’d share a photo of it here.

I did install cable glands on the sides of the box, but it turns out that they are box in the wrong places (not a huge deal) and are too small - so for now I’ve got the cables going through a gap between the lib & the box, with the screws not tightened all the way.

I hadn’t figured making a gateway cat proof was a key requirement but, hey, it works!

Oh yeah. It’s absolutely essential - otherwise I would be minus 1 x gateway and plus lots of gateway pieces strewn across the floor.

In particular my cats love chewing aerials. So much so that we’ve had to ensure our router doesn’t have an external one

My colleagues dog eat through a thick protected HDMI braided cable, if anyone want a very long HDMI cable with wires open at one end, you’re welcome to it (or a short one too).

Luckily I have rabbits and they are outdoors well away anything.

Have you got any close up of what’s inside, I like other people builds.

Is this the RAK based one?

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Yeah, it’s a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a Rak831 @bensimmo.

I’m logging statistics to my collectd instance that logs the performance & resource usage of the rest of my infrastructure - access to said statistics can be arranged by private message if you’d like access.

Currently it’s been running at ~60°C. We’ll see how it handles the hot weather on Saturday. The Raspberry Pi file server underneath handled the hot weather last year ok IIRC - it’s just the thermal ceiling is higher than it usually it, leaving less room for computing tasks.

If it gets too hot, I can always get some heatsinks for ~79p on Ali Express.


Here are some close-ups of the gateway itself:

(Click to open Imgur album)

The 3B+ has a soft throttle at 60C so it drops back to 1.2GHz* the hard throttle will be at 80C and it’ll then throttle back, that’ll only be a problem if the server cannot work well at 600MHz.

(Soft throttle being set in software).

The more more wires connected in the ports, the better the cooling, especially the HDMI iirc.

With a HAT on the best heatsink are the large full area ones, but they’re 7 or 8 quid.

Are you picking anything up?

Ah, I see. If I do have any issues I’ll investigate my options for additional cooling, but I’m not sure it’s needed right now. Besides, it’s below 60°C atm, and running it slightly warmer is more energy efficient :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently it’s picked up 387 messages since installation! Seems like it’s working as intended :smiley:

I have yet to test the LMIC portion of my summer project, but I’ll be doing that on Monday after spending yesterday compacting the program down so that it’ll fit inside 32K program memory (and Thursday making it fit inside 2K RAM).

The SD card library in particular is terrible for RAM usage, it turns out. It’s actually a wrapper around SdFat and it doesn’t have an option it clean up after you’ve finished with it easily, which is very annoying. I’ve ended up using SdFat directly and pushing it out of scope after I’m done with it.