Summer Project Update: Mapping LoRaWAN Signal Coverage

Hey! It’s been a little while, but I’ve been making some progress on my summer project - and I’ve blogged about it 3 times so far:

In short, I’ve done the following:

  • Wired up all the components
  • Designed a box to 3D print, but I’m not sure if the wall thickness of the box is ok (although I don’t mention it in the posts above, I’m using a thickness of 2mm for walls etc., and 3mm for the lid. - is that too much? Not enough?)
  • Written test programs for each individual component
  • Started to weave these test programs together
  • Started to implement the backend server that will store the data at the other end

Next, I need to test the LMIC component of the project and get that working. Simultaneously, I’ll also be testing the full gateway that @Robin lent me - I intend to do this on Wednesday (tomorrow? today?).

Fascinating stuff SBRL. Keep up the blogging, I enjoyed reading that.

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Thanks! Glad you liked it :smiley:

I aim to make a post every 7-10 days about one thing or another, and I’m also aiming to continue posting my progress as I work on this project.

I was reading that a couple of days ago, no idea why now but it was interesting and didn’t know you had got that far.
I like to be nosey at what people get up to. Same with Rob Miles blog :slight_smile:
Also I learn things I never knew or forgot I knew, always good.

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Yeah, I’m trying to proceed at a fairly rapid pace, as collecting the data via LoRaWAN is only the start of the process. I’ll be training an AI next on the data I’ve collected, and displaying the result in a map.

All this has to be done before the start of August preferably, as I’d like ~1 month to write the 20k word report at the end.