Summer Project: Mapping Signal Coverage


To start things off here, I’ll make a post about my summer project. For my Masters final project, which is over the summer, I’ve taken LoRaWAN Signal Mapping. The plan is to build a privacy-preserving IoT device to collect data about signal coverage across the city, and then train an AI to fill in the gaps.

The end result should be a cool map of coverage, which the aim is to make it useful enough that it can be effectively used to plan locations for additional gateways.

Currently, I’ve got some of the initial parts, and I’ll be dropping by University (tomorrow?) to pick up some more of the parts (yay, a Dragino LoRaWAN shield!). I’ve also started planning some of the backend - which is going to be a Node.js app that’s backed with SQLite. Database data is going to be primary keyed with random integers, and I’ll be scrubbing timestamps as well.

I plan on making a series of posts on my blog about my progress too.

Looking forward to this. With additional gateways going up over the next few weeks it’ll be very interesting to see how the signal reflects IRL performance. It’ll also be pretty cool to see where we need more gateways :slight_smile:

Fascinating project - please keep us updated on your project. I will be very interested in how you approach the task and of course on the coverage map you discover!

Following this, if you need any Ublox8 GNSS for location, I have a few spare (usb or uart).

Yeah, I can’t wait! Hrm, I’ll have to watch out for those new gateways in the data I collect, @chris.

Will do, @Robin!

Sorry, @bensimmo! I’ve already ordered this one through the University.

You can always take a Ublox8 (8030) style one from me. (either UART or USB, I have both and you can convert them with a bit of soldering)
USB is waterproof too.

You can compare then, you gain the fuller GNSS setup and not just the GPS array, so more sattelites, faster startup sort of thing.

Thanks for the offer, but I’ll see how I get on with the official parts from University. If I run into issues, I’ll let you know :slight_smile: