Removal of blog from website

I’ve hidden the blog from the website. It doesn’t get posted to very often, so I figure it’s better for it not to be there at all rather than for it to have out of date posts. Also this discussion group now probably does the job the blog used to do.

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Good idea!

I think it does, yeah.

Good thinking, I agree. A blog needs to be updated frequently to be read and we are not in a position to do that but Mattermost covers the ground well. I keep passing invites to Mattermost to anyone who shows any interest!

Don’t forget to pass invites out to the forum too @Robin :wink:

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Will do for sure. Have passed on links a few times recently. Had a potentially very useful discussion with a chap at the University today. A few things might flow from that but one thing should be certainly happen - he can publish us and our work to departments at the University (staff and students). A kind of recruitment drive!


Hey, awesome! I wonder who that was? I might know them in person.

Graeme Murphy - he has been there a long time and knows Rob well.

Not sure I know who that is. Worth I try though!