Potential Monitor Sites

Please list the potential location for sensors.
Any you have planned to get up, we’ll not hold you to it but do comment with a time period or a hopefully or needs Lora etc.

Please do come back and say if it’ll not go up and why (no power, no WiFi, no LoRa, time, gave up, money fell through).
An approximate GPS location or a postcode or … will be fine.

Hopefully this will keep track of potential location, things to look forward to it, LoRa coverage needed, funding and areas we need to look at.

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It would be interesting to get some AQ sensors up and running away from buildings, in fields/farmland etc. This will probably require LoRA though.

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Potential sites form me are.

~HU10 6JW about 0.2miles from Hawthorne ave sensor (line of site)
Very near the rear (old front) entrance to Wolfreton School

~HU10 7HJ about 0.8miles from Hawthorne ave. sensor and 1.4miles from Tranby ave sensor (line of site.

I’d probably be able to host one, but it’d need to be solar & send messages over LoRa. At least at the moment I’m hosting a gateway that I’ve borrowed (and I’m aiming for it to be up all the time) - so that end of things should be taken care of if I’ve configured it correctly.