Media Coverage - Air Quality & Pollution

Here is a very relevant article about a group similar to our own. The article makes explains clearly how low cost air quality devices can be powerful tools; why the data can be used (with care) and how citizens can get involved. Recommended reading. text

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Shame they don’t identify the PM sensor in the box.

It has two sensor (laser) and does pm1, 2.5 and 10
I wonder if this part of their JSON to thingspeak gives a clue
“Type”:“TYPE”, // Sensor type (PMS5003, PMS1003, BME280 etc)


Definitely pms devices but not 7003 mine have intake/ outlet on the side.

Also, PMS7003 does all three PM readings so should only need one.

Those are PMS5003 for sure. Rob M has one and it is just like the photo. The PMS7003 is a similar device - smaller and more software features but the same interface.

It says they calibrate them against a ‘smoke chamber’, if they do all or just sample a selection in a batch. I doubt we’ll know.