3D printing a box

How have people gone about designing a housing for IoT devices for 3D printing?

As a follow-on from this post, I’ve wired up most of my summer project for University, and now I’m at the point of designing a box to be 3D printed in the brand-new Fab Lab at University.

To this end, I’ve installed Freecad - but I’ve been having trouble getting used to the user interface (I’ve used Blender before in the 3D-modelling department, but it doesn’t strike me as particularly suited to designing something like this).

I use openSCAD - really easy to use.
To create a box you just create a difference between two cubes.

This creates a box with extern dims 200,100,50 and internal dims 196,96,50 - the last 50 punches the hole in the top. Should suit a coder like you.

color(“green”) cube([200,100,50]);
translate([2,2,2]) color(“black”) cube([196,96,50]);


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Nice, thanks! I’ll take a look at it. It does look better than Freecad for me - you’re right :stuck_out_tongue: